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Gregory's Textbook of Farriery

This is the textbook that is used by the best farrier schools in North America. If you are a horse person, farrier, or want to be a farrier, there is no better book for you to make a part of your library.

Over 3400 drawings and photos in this 696 page book, in an easy to read, first person format. This book if designed to make the complicated aspects of farriery theory available to all.

Read Testimonials About This Book

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 Libro sobre Herrado de Gregory

Este es el libro de texto que usan las mejores escuelas de los Estados Unidos de America. Si tu eres una persona a la que le gustan los caballos, herrador, o alguien que quiere ser herrador, no vas a encontrar un libro mejor que este para que forme parte de tu biblioteca.

Mas de 3400 dibujos y fotos en las 744 paginas de este libro, un libro escrito en primera persona, fácil de leer. Este libro esta diseñado para que las partes complicadas de la teoría del herrado, sean simples de entender para todos.

Lee las referencias de quienes lo leyeron

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Chris Gregory Hoof Knives

The Chris Gregory collection of hoof knives are the result of many years of experience from famous knife makers Morkniv/Frost and Chris Gregory.  They came together in 2011 to develop this new knife, and it has become the choice of top farriers everywhere.  The blade is a low-stain, high carbon steel that is hard enough to hold an edge, yet malleable enough to be sharpened to a razor edge in minutes.  The blade comes out of the center of the handle for more power and precision control.  Angle and blade slope allow the skilled farrier to make a flawless sole without scallops and lines that are common with scoop and drop blade knives.  If you give this knife a day of work, it will most likely become your number one choice of knife.

The Rooster Tail is the name that we gave to the hoof pick on the end of the handle.  This is designed to clean out the foot and be an aid for hot fitting.  After using a knife with a pick on it, most farriers wonder how they ever got along without it.  Cleaning the feet with the rooster tail will save your knife blade by allowing you to get rid of all the potential rocks and dirt that can dull or chip the edge.  If you hot fit, you will really like having the extra tool for pushing the shoe into the clip fit, or placing it on one side with the Rooster Tail.

The knives come in right and left, with or without the rooster tail, and long or short handles.

  • Right Hand Long with Rooster Tail  $36
  • Left Hand Long with Rooster Tail  $36
  • Right Hand Short with Rooster Tail  $36
  • Left Hand Short with Rooster Tail  $36
  • SPECIAL!  Box of 12 Knives w/ Rooster Tail for $400 (Save $32)

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Chris Gregory Hoof Knives

Hand Sharpening System

Chris spent 24 years shoeing with a barely sharp knife.  One day the great-great-grandson of Erik Frost, Par Brask, came to the Heartland from Sweden and taught Chris how to hand sharpen a blade.  To perfectly sharpen a knife by hand, you need more than just one stone, steel or strop.  With that in mind, the Hand Sharpening Kit was created to be used by anyone that wants a sharp knife, hoof knife or otherwise.

It is a leather kit that is sewn in the Heartland with 8 pockets in it.  Two pockets are for hoof knives, one is for an extra file handle if you someday add a chainsaw file, and the others contain: 5” Mill File, EZE Lap fine oval diamond sharpener, EZE Lap super fine oval diamond sharpener, Jewelers rouge, and a leather strop glued to a metal handle.  This system will allow you to take a knife edge from useless to razor sharp.

There are several videos on YouTube demonstrating the kit and how to use it:
Sharpening A Hoof Knife Video

Hand Sharpening System:  $80
Hand Sharpening System with any two Chris Gregory Hoof Knives:  $150

Sharpening System & Two Knives

Sharpening System and any Two Hoof Knives - be sure to comment on order which knives you'd like included.

Price:  $150

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HHS Foot and Leg Dissection DVD

We have finally filmed and released a dissection video for those of you that are wanting to learn more about equine anatomy.  A wonderful addition to Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery, this video describes and shows the essential anatomy of the equine leg.  The teaching style that has made Heartland Horseshoeing School famous is now available to you in the comfort of your own home.  Students in the Heartland have said, “Learning from the Gregory’s is like drinking from a fire hydrant.”  This video is like that, packed with information from the first minute.

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Farrier’s Arsenal of Handmade Shoes DVD Set

Chad Chance put together this 2 DVD video series for Hoof Watch.  It contains the step-by-step instructions by Chris Gregory making a Patten Bar, Heart Bar, W-Shoe, Straight Bar, Egg Bar, Z-Bar, and Lateral Heel Extension hind shoes.  There are so many little things that you can see over and over when you have the video to refer to.  This is an excellent addition to your video library, and will go a long ways towards helping you master the forge.

Farrier’s Arsenal of Handmade Shoes DVD Set:  $50

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AFA Certification Practical Exam DVD Set

This is a 3 DVD set produced by Chad Chance from  One DVD is the step by step process of making the AFA Certified Farrier shoe display.  Another is a demonstration for the AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier bar shoe exam.   The last DVD is the Certified Journeyman Farrier shoeing practical, which is also a great demonstration for the Certified Farrier practical shoeing as well.  This set will help you attain your certification goals.

AFA Certification Practical Exam DVD Set:  $50

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Heartland Horseshoeing School Wear

Sweatshirts, Tanks & T-Shirts
Screen-printed sweatshirts, tanks, and t-shirts come with the HHS logo on the front.  On the back, choose from a variety of sayings:

  • Never Quit.
  • No Excuses.
  • Sleep is optional.
  • Skill throws more weight than strength.
  • The only easy day was yesterday.
  • Sweat never drowned nobody.
  • The more we sweat in practice, the less we bleed in battle.
  • Put on some Triactin Ointment on it; Try Actin' Like a Man.

Embroidered Sweatshirts
A high quality sweatshirt with the HHS logo embroidered on the front of it.

Tank Tops

Your Size (Small - XXL)


Your Size (Small - XXL)

Embroidered Sweatshirts

Your Size (Small - XXL)

Screen-Printed Sweatshirt

Your Size (Small - XXL)

Chris Gregory Western Shoer


In the mid 1990s, Chris received an apron from Kelly as a gift.  With a little modification, they created what has become the Chris Gregory Western Shoer.  

Since it is similar to a pair of cowboy chinks, it is comfortable for all day wear.  There are buckles on both the front and back belt so that you can determine where you want the legs to hang and wrap.  Once the back is set, the apron is removed and buckled from the front, making it easy to use and wear.  

Made from oil-tan leather, all the aprons are cut out and made by Cameron and Jacquelyn Whetten.  You can order it with or without fringe, and then we have added a few extras such as colored pads and pockets, and the potential for custom tooling on a yoke.  

Each apron has the Heartland Horseshoeing Logo on one leg, and your name or business name on the opposite leg. This is a super value for the expense, and once you use one, you will come back again and again.

Features (+International Shipping)
Choose Pad/Pocket Color
Enter Pants Size