These guys had to move on to better opportunities. It is too bad that Lamar didn’t work out. Still, there is no doubt in Mario’s skill. I just wanted to update this blog, and thank you for reading.

Lamar is a small town. It is the sort of place where you can find
everything you really need, but not always everything that you might
want. One thing that we really needed badly is some help with our
social media – video – digital age marketing plan. Farrier schools
compete on a global scale, so when easy access to some of these
professional services are available, you can have an advantage.

Imagine my surprise when I was discussing this with Jeremy at CY6.
CY6 handles all our embroidery, t-shirts, banners, signage, and that
sort of stuff. He said, “Man, you have got to meet Mario and Lori
Gonzalez.” Well, he was absolutely right, and their story is worthy
of many blogs. But, here is my part of it.

Mario, Lori, their son Isaac, and daughter Amari had moved to Lamar
from Israel. Yes, the place in the Middle East with so many problems.
Their faith and ministry calling had led them there to serve as volunteers.
While there, they had been supported by a local church called Lamar Family
Ministries Center, which is how they ended up coming to Lamar.

Mario had spent his career as a cameraman and video editor, and that
job has put a lot of stamps in his passport. He has stories about
paying bribes to cops in Costa Rica and seeing the lowest life has to
offer in the slums of India. The calling of both him and his wife is
to create a
program where people can learn photography, videography, editing,
lighting, audio, graphics, etc. and even how to write scripts for video.
Those who finish the program will walk away with an incredible portfolio,
with training and experience to launch them into a career in the media world.
At the same time, they will have opportunities for adventure and travel,
and experience spiritual mentorship built on a biblical foundation.

Mario and family arrived in Lamar towards the end of 2016, and they
began by filming the Lamar High School Tiger football games. The
Lamar Tigers are a Missouri Football powerhouse and have won a long
string of state championships. Sorry, I don’t know how many, but I
know it is record setting. Every week Mario and Lori would film the
game and make a short video that encapsulated the annihilation of
whatever unlucky opponent happened to have the Tigers that week.
Those videos are fantastic, which is what I have come to expect from

We ended up having some discussions, and we decided to shoot some
stuff at the school. We are currently working on a dissection video
for farriers trying to learn more about anatomy. He also shot a
promotional video about the advanced courses at HHS, and is going to
do some more stuff for us this summer. While doing the blacksmith
video, he interviewed HHS graduate Jess Fairbanks. Her testimony was
pretty emotional, so he recommended that we tell her story. That will
be another video coming soon. Mario even started an Instagram page for
HHS so those on there can enjoy and connect with that.

However, there is more exciting stuff going on around the Mario story.
He and his family have acquired a building to create their dream, and
the program is going to begin in September. It is called Radius Media and
Discipleship, and they are looking to have the first session begin on
September 5th, 2017. The program lasts for 9 months.

The plan behind Radius is to offer hands-on training in a faith-based
environment. Mario and Lori have a desire to pour into people.
Like most involved in ministry, money isn’t as much a part
of the story as the works they do. If you know a young person between
the ages of 18 – 25 who is interested in photography, video or other media
arts and is looking for a wonderful place to start, you should have them
look at Radius Media and Discipleship.

Here is one of the videos that Mario made:
More photos to be added to this blog later.

New student at work

Shannon on fire

Day one and getting the weld

Cody explaining how its done

Kurt at work.

Brenden welding

Photos that tell a story

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