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The courses at HHS are extremely intense, and we try to teach as much as is humanly possible in the short time that you are with us.  If you want to be the best, it will require a lot of hard work and drive.  We will do our part if you are willing to commit the effort necessary to master the farriers’ craft.  The training at HHS is tailored to the needs of an individual in developing a high degree of competence and confidence in their ability to shoe any horse.  These teaching methods allow students to enter the farrier industry with pride, confidence, a great deal of technical expertise and knowledge.  We set a high standard in all aspects of farriery so that our graduates can take that with them into the industry and succeed.

The most important item that you need to know when you are looking at a horseshoeing school is: Who exactly will be teaching you?  In many schools, the owner will only be involved with the students for a few days during their entire class.  This means the students arrive at the school and find out that they are not being taught by the person who they saw in the catalog.  They are being instructed by whoever happened to be available, and this is often just a recent graduate with little, if any, practical experience.  Many of the graduates from these schools will not make it in the farrier industry because they have not been prepared by the school for success.

The next thing you need to be aware of is the total student population at the school at any given time.  If it is over 20, there may be problems with getting enough horses for each student to shoe.  Some schools will have a student population of 30 or more.  Very few places in the US have a local horse population to teach that many students, and you can not learn everything you need to know about shoeing by working on dead feet.

Horses are noble beasts that have no say in the way they are shod.  Tied by a lead rope, the horse has suffered under the knife and nippers of many an unskilled horseshoer.  This is not an acceptable situation to the horse, the owner, or the competent farrier.  The horse owning public is quickly becoming aware that there is a difference between right and wrong when it comes to farriery.  There are no gray areas where this is concerned, and it is the responsibility of anyone who wishes to pursue this craft that they become as knowledgeable, proficient, and correct as humanly possible.  That is what we strive for and demand at Heartland Horseshoeing School.


There are some things that are done in the trade school industry that are not done at HHS.  One of the most common is to have a lower tuition, but then charge numerous fees for things like housing, shop, lab, equipment, class, etc.  This is done in this industry for a couple of reasons.  First, when a prospective pupil first reads the price of tuition, it sounds cheaper than the other schools competing for you as a student.  This gets you in the door, but there are several hidden costs.  Secondly, most States mandate that schools have a tuition refund policy.  The refund does not extend to most fees, so the school is able to keep a greater amount of your money should you quit or be expelled.

Hidden Costs

There are none.  It is a simple philosophy that is adhered to at HHS.  You will pay tuition and a $50.00 cleaning deposit if you stay in the bunkhouse.  The deposit is returned at the end of your course if the bunkhouse is left in a clean and neat manner.  That is all you will pay to HHS.  There is no housing fee, no lab fee, no materials fee, or any of the other hidden costs that can be buried in the small print.

Heartland Horseshoeing School attracts some of the finest students in the industry, so we get a very low number of quitters.  Most years we will have only one or two people that quit, and those that do lose their cleaning deposit.

At HHS, it is quite simple.  You pay us the price of tuition, and we teach you how to shoe horses.   No games or legal terminology to trick you into coming here.  This is a tough school for tough students that wish to be the best of the best.  If that describes you, then come to this school.

HHS Catalog 2018

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