Admission Requirements

There are no educational requirements that a perspective student must meet in order to attend HHS.

  • The student must be physically able to do forge-work, as well as work on customer horses.
  • This means that a student must be old enough to have the necessary physical strength, or have the drive and ambition to overcome any handicaps that may hinder their ability to perform the required tasks.
  • There are no physical tests which can accurately determine an individuals ability to be a farrier.
  • You will quickly develop the stamina and strength needed.
  • Any student who is not yet 18, will be allowed to enroll after a personal interview with HHS staff, and permission of a legal guardian


  • Payment in full is expected on the first day of class unless other arrangements have been made prior to starting the course. This payment policy will not hold to students who are receiving financial aid, since the payments may be made by the governing agency at a later day.
  • You will pay tuition and a $35.00 cleaning deposit if you stay in the bunk house. That is all you will pay to HHS. There is no housing fee, no lab fee, no materials fee, or any of the other hidden costs that can be buried in the small print.

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