Advanced Farrier Course

The Advanced Farrier Course is 16 weeks long, and is offered twice a year.  This is a very intense course that is designed to bring students to an extremely high standard.  In our experience, people that complete the Advanced Farrier Course are about 3 times more proficient than those enrolled in the Practical Farrier Course.  What this means to a student is the additional investment in time will more than double the return.

All of the classroom material covered in the Practical Farrier Course is covered in the Advanced Farrier Course twice.  By having the theoretical aspects presented twice, students gain a more complete and thorough understanding of these complex aspects of farriery.  Going through the class work twice is a huge advantage, as it makes the material that is covered part of the students’ long-term memory.

The major differences between this course and the Practical Farrier Course is that there are more than twice as many forge projects that become more difficult as the students skills increase.  In addition, the student will be involved in 2 horse leg dissections, and at least twice as many horses with supervised instruction.  This helps create the confidence that is so important for anyone who wishes to become a self-employed farrier in high demand.

The final horse test in the Advanced Farrier is the application of handmade shoes with quarter-clips.  It is similar to half of the AFA Journeyman Farrier exam, with the exception that the time limit is extended.  Successfully completing this course will take a person a long ways toward the goal of becoming an AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier.

There are also 2 written tests in this course, however, they are much more difficult than the tests in the shorter course.  Dedication and motivation are a must for all applicants that aspire to graduate from the Advanced Farrier Course.  A Certificate of Completion is awarded to all students who successfully complete all required work.  This class isn’t for everybody, just those that are driven to be successful.

PRICE: $13,200.00

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