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Since being founded in 1995, HHS has offered advanced classes for both blacksmithing and certification. These classes have been discontinued to be replaced by advanced workshops. This will allow you to more easily schedule your time with us, and customize what you want to work on. Many farriers would want to come for only one week or just a few days, so we decided to create a system that would easily allow for this. Please contact the school to find out what we have scheduled for our off-season or let us know what you want to work on. Guaranteed to take you to the next level.

Both of these advanced clinics are basically hands-on time with the Gregory’s. For those that did not originally learn in the Heartland, it is a chance to see what has made this place so famous in the farrier industry. For Heartland alumni, it is a chance to continue their journey and find tune the things they worked on so hard while they were here. Either way, this time in the Heartland will make you better at shoeing horses, which will be reflected by your income.

We plan to follow largely the same schedule as we had in the past, with 2 weeks of blacksmithing oriented forging right before the main classes start. There will still be the certification prep in the fall with a couple of certifications at the end of it. We will be referring to these as clinics instead of courses and will not be giving certificates at the end of them. They are very much geared towards building your skills as you work towards becoming a better craftsman. Join us for our annual Farrier Blacksmith Workshop and the Farrier Certification Workshop if you are headed towards greatness in the trade.

Non-refundable deposits are required, and the cost for these workshops is $1000 per week. Students that are signed up to go to school later in the year are able to take the Farrier Blacksmith Workshop for $1800. It gives incoming students such an incredible advantage. Attendees can stay in our new bunkhouse for $150 per clinic.

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