A Dab Of Flight School And The Slow Rasper

The power of language. We all know how important punctuation is. You have probably seen the meme that’s been around for a while. Why Punctuation is Important: Lets eat, Grandma. Lets eat Grandma. No argument. Very different results there, and funny until someone loses...

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Payden “The Mountain Man” Talbott

This blog is about Payden Talbott. Payden is a mountain man, having been raised in Buffalo, Wyoming. He currently calls the Billings, Montana area home, and his heart is definitely in the Rocky Mountains. Pretty much everything that he does for fun requires a mountain...

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Mikey Spickard from Ozark, Missouri.

This blog is about a young Christian man from Ozark, Missouri, named Michael Spickard. Better known as Mikey, partly because of his real name, and partly because of Mutant Ninja Turtles. He came to Heartland Horseshoeing School with that nickname, and it fits him...

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GQ American Joe Richer

In a rare change of pace this year, the next bio is from a male student. I write them in the order they come in, and the girls beat the boys when it comes to handing in their bios. This one is named Joe Richer, and I have taken to calling him GQ Joe. Since there are...

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Let Me Introduce You To Josephina Eli

Yes, the next blog is also about a female student. It has been quite a new experience for us to have so many women students, and I must say, a great experience. Next up is Josie Eli, known as Josephina. She is a young lady from Tea, South Dakota. Josie’s horse...

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Stud Muffin, aka Courtney Bianco.

Courtney Bianco, better known as Stud Muffin, is next in line for introduction. Stud Muffin is one extremely tough and determined young lady that continues to surprise and impress us. She got her name because she has a couple of dermal-anchor studs in her lower back...

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Lauryn “Medusa” Schemenauer.

Continuing with the Heartland Horseshoeing School Year Of The Woman, my next blog victim is Lauryn Schemenauer. I also call her Medusa, but the nickname has not stuck 100%. Her hair can have a mind of its own at times, bringing Medusa to mind. Lauryn is from...

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