Professional Farrier Course

After much thought and discussion, we have decided to change the way we do things in the Heartland, and drop the 8-week class.  It was just too short for most people, and almost every student wanted to stay longer.  For most, we could not keep them longer since the next classes would always be full or the season would be over.  With this happening year after year, we have decided to move to this new 12-week class.

The Professional Farrier Course is designed to teach an individual to become a skilled and competent farrier.  Anatomy, shoeing theory, corrective shoeing techniques, correcting faults of gait, therapeutic shoeing techniques, tool and handmade horseshoe forging, and running a successful business are all taught in this course.  Students in this course will also perform a leg dissection.  


The final horse test in this course is designed to be harder than the Certified Farrier exam level of both the American Farriers Association and Farrier’s International Testing System.  Being tested at this higher level will make pursuing your certification credentials much easier once you graduate. You will also be more prepared to handle the stressful business situations that will arise once you start shoeing for a living.

Students will be assigned 30 forge projects in this course, covering everything from simple tools to complex handmade shoes such as the straight bar shoe and heart bar shoe.  Successfully completing all of the forge projects in this course help to prepare you to make or modify any shoe that you might need once you become a professional farrier.  There are 2 written tests in this course.  The first covers anatomy, and the second is comprehensive.

The Professional Farrier Course is offered twice a year.  A Certificate of Completion, trophy buckle, anvil and forge will be awarded to all students that successfully complete all of the required work to the high standard demanded at HHS.


Tuition: $11,400
Deposit to Apply: $500

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