General Policies

Admission Requirements

 There are no educational requirements that a student must meet to attend HHS.  Students must be physically able to do forge work, and work on horses.  This means that a student must be old and fit enough to have the physical strength necessary for this work, or have the drive and determination to overcome any handicaps that may keep them from the required tasks.  There are not any tests that we have found which will accurately determine a person’s potential to become a competent farrier.  Any student under 18 should arrange for a personal interview, or provide letters of recommendation from known farriers.  Minors must also have parental permission.


Transcript Policy

Each student will have a transcript on file at HHS once they are enrolled.  If you wish to have a copy of that transcript, requests may be made in person or in writing by that individual student.  Transcripts will be available within 30 days of graduation.


Student Progress and Evaluation

Students will be constantly evaluated while in school.  There are 4 separate categories that grades can be divided into in the beginner courses.  These 4 categories are:

  •             Forge Projects
  •             Written Test Scores
  •             Final Horse Score
  •             Attendance and Participation

Remedial training is assigned to students that are unable to maintain the minimum standard.  Projects are graded every 4 weeks, and counseling statements are issued as needed.  Students that do not meet the minimum standard will sign their counseling statements, and a remedial plan and time frame will be suggested to bring the standard up.  If the student is still unable to bring up their standard, they may be terminated from training.


Grading System

In order to receive a Certificate of Completion from HHS, a student must pass with a minimum of 65% in 4 categories.  These are:

  •             Forge Projects
  •             Written Test Scores
  •             Final Horse Score
  •             Attendance and Participation

The written tests are graded on a 0-100 scale, with 65% considered a pass.  All of the other categories are graded on a pass/fail system.  Work that does not meet the minimum standard will be failed. 


Conduct and Dress

We do not enforce a stringent dress code, but students must wear clothes that provide adequate protection.  Shorts are not allowed for work in the forge or on horses.  Students are expected to behave in a courteous and respectful manner, both on premises and away.  Cussing is not permitted.

Alcohol is not permitted on the school grounds, and students are not allowed to be on the grounds if they are under the influence.  Any illegal substances will result in immediate expulsion as well as a report being filed with local law enforcement.

In the event that there is an overnight trip as a class, no drinking is allowed on these trips whatsoever.



The responsibility of attendance rests entirely with the student.  A student will be allowed to miss 10% of any course without being terminated.  If they miss more than 10%, they will be terminated from that training.  The school may elect to re-enroll the student, providing that the student agrees to meet the attendance requirements.  10% of the course will be calculated in days, not hours.  This is a hard enough school to graduate from if you are here for all of the scheduled days.



Payment in full is expected on the first day of class.  The deposit that was sent with the application is part of your tuition, so the amount due on the first day is the cost of the course you are enrolled in, minus the deposit you already sent in.


Tuition Refund Policy

This school is not designed for quitters, so if this is the most important information to you, this is probably not the right school for you.  Everyone that quits has taken a spot from someone else that wanted to come here, so please make certain that you can handle the work load before deciding to attend.

In the event that a student terminates, the policy concerning tuition refunds is as follows:

  1. If not accepted to HHS, deposit will be refunded.
  2. In the event that a course is cancelled, all monies will be refunded.
  3. If within 3 business days of signing the enrollment agreement, a student decides to terminate, all monies will be refunded.
  4. The day that the office receives your written notice will be considered your date of termination.  Notice must be hand delivered, or mailed to the school by certified mail.
  5. Terminating in the first week of a course that is 8 weeks or longer, one half of the tuition will be refunded.
  6. Terminating in the second week of a course that is 8 weeks or longer, one fourth of the tuition will be refunded.
  7. Terminating in the third week through the half way point of a course that is 8 weeks or longer, 10% of the tuition will be refunded.
  8. For the shorter courses, 10% of the tuition will be refunded through the third day of the course if there is a termination.
  9. Any tuition refund will be sent to the address that the student requests within 30 days.



Students may voluntarily terminate training in writing as described in the Tuition Refund Policy, and the day that the office receives the notice will be considered their last day of class.  The following are reasons that HHS considers grounds for involuntary termination:

  1. Unsatisfactory progress.
  2. Poor attitude or conduct.
  3. Non-payment of tuition.
  4. Use of illegal drugs.
  5. Possession or use of alcohol on school property.
  6. Unsatisfactory attendance.
  7. Stealing or malicious mischief.
  8. Violation of safety rules.
  9. Cheating.
  10. Violence or discrimination because of age, race, creed, color, sex, or country of origin.


Grievance Policy

If a student is discontented for any reason with HHS, they must first take the problem to the head instructor or owner of the school. The problem will be discussed, and a course of action will be determined.