Edward Martin FWCF Farrier Scholarship

There was once an incredible craftsman in this industry named Edward Martin, FWCF.  Edward was a farrier from a long line of farriers in Scotland, and he began his apprenticeship as a farrier across the street from the house he was born in, as did his father before him, and his grandfather before his father.  Each of them bore the name Edward Martin, and their name is legend in this trade.   In honor of this master craftsman, a scholarship has been formed, sponsored by the donations from the Draft Horse Classic Edward Martin Perpetual Shoeing Competition. Each year, one person is selected to receive partial funding for the farrier school of their choice, as long as they are enrolled in a class that is a minimum of 8 weeks long.

To qualify, students must write a 300 – 750 word essay about what this opportunity means to them personally.  Why do you want to be a farrier?  What will you do with your education that makes you a candidate for financial support?  Persuasively present your case.

You must download this application, fill it out and send the application along with your essay by July 1st to:

WM. E. Merfy, CJF
7511 White Oak Lane.
Browns Valley, CA. 95918


    Jamison Albright Farrier Scholarship

    There is another potential scholarship that you may want to find out about that is funded in the memory of a farrier by the name of Jamison Albright. To find out more about this opportunity, visit for more information.