Ben Benson AWCF

Let me proudly introduce to you Ben Benson. I knew Ben only by reputation before this interview. He and I both did clinics in Brazil for the same farriers out there, so I had heard his name and I knew of his reputation.

When I was asked to speak at the BFBA, which is the British Farrier and Blacksmith Association Annual Farrier Focus in Stoneleigh for 2023, I got the chance to know Ben a little bit better. Now, there's a lot going on in the UK farriery at the moment, and so I thought this interview would be a very timely thing.

As an associate of the Worshipful Company of Farriers, which is AWCF, I knew before I sat down with Ben that he was going to be skilled. He is the president of the BFBA and a superbly talented, overachieving farrier.

English trained, but growing up on the west coast of Wales, Ben is a second-generation farrier that shoes for Olympic riders in some of the biggest equestrian events in the world.  You're going to truly enjoy hearing about being a modern farrier in the UK and some of what is happening in our great trade as you get to know Ben Benson.

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