Red Steagall

My next guest was born in Texas in 1938 and has lived a life full of success that most can only dream of. Red Steagall was born to be a cowboy and touch and inspire the lives of millions through his music and poetry. Surviving polio at the age of 15, which damaged his shoulder to the point that he could not move his left arm, he still went on to become a famous guitar player and singer.

Red discovered Reba McEntire and blessed our world by exposing her beautiful talent. He has worked with and become friends with so many names that you would recognize like Wilford Brimley, Dean Smith, Roy Clark, Boots O'Neill, Buster Welch, Jim Shoulders etc.

Twenty three albums and hundreds of records later, Red still performs concerts and produces radio and television shows. I was honored and surprised that this great star was so willing to meet with me and help me move this podcast forward. My short time with Red is something that I will forever remember and treasure. His enormous presence comes through the microphone, as you are about to see, and I am certain that those of you that are not Red Steagall fans yet are about to become one. Our clearance is approved as filed. Enjoy the ride.

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