Mike Gregory

In this episode, Chris Gregory interviews his brother Mike Gregory. Mike speaks on his childhood experiences, his journey towards becoming a real estate broker, and his passion for ranching and horse-cutting. They engage in discussions about their key life experiences, lessons learned, and the impact of their upbringing on their life choices. From surviving rat week at the New Mexico Military Institute to dealing with the devastating effects of a wildfire, the brothers recount shared memories and life-altering moments.


00:07] Introduction and Background

[00:39] Meet the Guest: Mike Gregory

[01:11] Setting the Scene: Rociado, New Mexico

[01:54] Diving into the Past: Childhood Memories

[02:22] The Journey to Real Estate

[06:25] Facing Financial Challenges

[10:28] Finding Love Amidst the Chaos

[14:43] Building a Successful Real Estate Business

[17:56] Reflecting on the Impact of New Mexico Military Institute

[21:17] Advice for the Younger Generation

[22:20] The Power of Persistence and Goal Setting

[22:40] The Importance of Individuality in Success

[23:11] Reflections on Aging and Priorities

[24:30] The Role of Family and Spouse in Business Success

[25:56] The Thrill and Challenges of Cutting Horses

[30:30] Overcoming Natural Disasters: The Fire Incident

[33:14] Future Plans and Aspirations

[38:28] Reminiscing Childhood Memories