Steve Rawlings

Steve is a great friend of mine who plays the bass guitar or the drums with Kelly and I when we perform on the worship team for the Lamar First Christian Church. He has had an interesting life and has spent his whole adulthood dealing with some health problems that no one would ever suspect. His generosity, friendliness, outgoing nature, all told a lie about what Steve was going through. But, as I got to know him, I got a glimpse of the trials that this liver disease caused.  I first interviewed Steve in early 2023, and he tells about being on the liver transplant list. Before that interview would be released, he was called up to receive his new liver. The second part of this interview takes place just a couple of weeks after Steve gets this new lease on life, through the marvel of modern medicine.

Steve is gonna lift your soul and make you smile in this interview.

We are cleared for takeoff.

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