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In this episode, Chris Gregory, speaks with special guest, Thad Gouge. Thad, a farrier, missionary, and former home builder shares interesting stories about his various jobs and interests. He discusses his experience growing up in Bolivia, his work in Honduras, starting a sausage-making company in Bolivia, his stint in Vermont, and his experiences in horseshoeing. Thad reveals he had to leave his loved business due to health problems caused by exposure to black mold. He shares his recovery journey and plans that involve potentially partnering with his brother's roofing company. Chris and Thad also discuss the importance of integrity, people skills, and work ethic in creating a successful business and life in general.

Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:39 Introducing the Guest: Thad Gouge

02:18 Thad's Early Life and Background

05:22 Thad's Journey to Becoming a Farrier

11:06 Thad's Life in Vermont and Building His Dream House

12:33 Thad's Calling and Journey to Honduras

20:05 Life and Work in Honduras

22:41 Teaching Work Ethic and Joy in Work 2

2:55 Dealing with Difficult Students

23:35 The Impact of Teaching Work Ethic

24:25 Health Issues and Career Change

24:57 Dealing with Unexplained Health Issues

27:58 The Impact of Illness on Daily Life

28:25 The Catalyst for Health Issues

31:57 The Decision to Quit Horseshoeing

33:38 Closing Down a Multi-Farrier Practice

34:24 Future Career Prospects

36:53 Remembering a Tragic Plane Disappearance

38:36 The Search for the Missing Plane

44:03 Reflections on Life and Career

47:31 Advice for Future Success

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