HHS 20th Anniversary - Clinic, Contest and Fits Exam

Heartland Horseshoeing School’s 20th anniversary clinic, contest and FITS Exam. It is going to include a hog roast, and we have some great buckles to give away. Everyone welcome.

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, we are going to host a clinic, have a contest, and run a Farrier’s International Testing System, (FITS) Exam. It will be a great time for any Farrier that is interested in becoming better at serving horses of the world.

MAY 28th: This day will be devoted to clinics of farriery. Right now I’m hoping that each FITS country will have examiners that want to take an hour or two to show something related to shoeing. Still up in the air, but this day will be a clinic dealing with farriery with top-notch instruction.

MAY 29th: Friday will be our contest. The morning will start with a competitor meeting, and continue with forging classes. Shoeing classes and the examiner’s competition will finish out the day. Buckles to division winners and top examiner. For more details on this contest, please the image below.

MAY 30-31st: These two days will be devoted to a FITS Exam. During this exam, we will help to train new examiners, and hone the skills of current ones. If you are in America this weekend with FITS aspirations, there will never be a better time to pursue your goals. (Probably $500 to take the exam.)

JUNE 1: FITS Summit. This will be a time for the FITS interested parties to come together so that we can establish some guidelines and rules to govern the growing FITS movement. This will be a historic day in the world of international Farriery.

20th Anniversary Contest Details

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