HHS Diaries - 4 Weeks In

4 Weeks into the Season

It is hard to imagine, but we are now 4 weeks into our 24 week season.  The weather has been crazy, to say the least, and the students have come on like no one would believe.

Cody is now full time at HHS, and he is able to anything that I ever did.  This makes the experience for the students better since they have his expertise to draw from as well, and it will give Kelly and I more time to spend with the students as well.  It has been great for us to see him grow into such a farrier educator.

The book sales have been amazing.  So far the students have found a few mistakes, but I expect that there will be several.  Like Russell Colvin told me, “There is only one book without any mistakes.”  You all know what book that is.  It is the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, also known as the Bible.  At any rate, I have enjoyed all the comments that those with the book have sent me.  It is also a great thing for me to be teaching out of my own book.

I am in the KC airport right now on my way to Montana.  The class had somewhere north of 30 head today, so I worked till noon with Kelly and Cody before driving up here.  It will be great to see all those great Montana farrier friends of mine.  They are a really good group of top hands up there, and every time I have ever been there has been a good one.  Everyone keep on keepin’ on.

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