HHS Diaries - Almost Over

 5 Weeks from the End of the 2011 Season.

It is not often that we are able to get it all exactly right. In this last 8 weeks, the ratio of horses to shop to class time has been perfect. It seems like there are always too many horses to do, which makes it hard to get all of the other stuff done. However, this group of seniors combined with the newbies is unstoppable. They are able to get done with everything I throw at them, so it has been a great last class. The entire junior class passed their anatomy test. That is a very rare occurrence. Make me proud.

The YouTube videos are still fairly popular, but I was surprised that my getting dunked by a mule in the 2nd week did not get more hits. Although, those graduates who saw it did seem to enjoy it more than most.

It is hard to believe that Jacquelyn has been gone for 2 weekends now. She did win some money at a roping yesterday, and it sounds like things are going well for her. Kelly and I seem to stay busy enough that the empty house has not been a problem yet.

I have a bunch of papers to read for my Journeyman Course students, and time is flying. To all you out there, keep on keepin’ on.

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