HHS Diaries - Farrier Suppliers

If you shoe horses, you need supplies.  Even for those that do as much of their own shoe building as possible, you still have to have nails, rasps, nippers, hammers, etc.  There are many places to get those supplies around the country, but they are not all created equal.  With that in mind, I thought I would share my thoughts on some of the farrier supply companies out there.

I have been extremely blessed in my career to be a farrier clinician in many parts of the world.  Many of these clinics have been sponsored by Mustad and hosted by a farrier supply company that carries their brand.  I get to spend time with the owners and see what their lives are like behind the scenes.  It makes me glad I’m a farrier, and for many of them, I am sure they are glad they are suppliers when they look at some of what we have to do to earn a living.  Different strokes and all that.

Since I own Heartland Horseshoeing School, there is no doubt that many suppliers would like to have my business.  I have formed friendships with many of these, and I would love to give all of them my business.  In fact, many of them do sell my books and knives, and there would be no greater pleasure than if I were able to give all of them my trade.

Alas, the world does not work that way, and I am not able to shop at every supply store in the country that is owned by someone I like and admire.  While I can’t buy from all of them, I can share a link to their websites from my website.  So I have placed a link to farrier supply shops that are owned by people I personally know that are great folks.  Rest assured that if there is a link to their site from mine that I have personally been to their shop and find them to be upstanding business people.  Many of them will give Heartland Horseshoeing School students a break on their initial orders, so I would drop my name when you deal with them.  Please tell them hello for Chris Gregory, and I thank you ahead of time for taking care of the people that take care of us and help us to take care of horses.

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