HHS Diaries - Halfway There

Halfway though for most of the class

This is the 4th week of the Practical Farrier Course, and the 12th week for the Journeyman Farrier Course. Hard to believe how fast it is going. I have spoken to more graduates and friends this week than I have for years after the Joplin disaster. Those folks are all in our thoughts and prayers, but the school was safe and sound.

Last weekend, 3 of our students that are in the Journeyman Farrier Course went to an AFA Certification in Alabama. Brandon (Probie) Regester, CF, and Sam (Yosemite) Zalesky, CF, came back with the title of Certified Farrier. James (Steven) Bouvier passed the written exam and the shoe display, but was a couple points shy on the horse. So far, with Rachel Kane from Australia, we have had 3 students get their CF title before they even graduated this year. We are sure proud of their accomplishments.

This week was a bit of a bust after the massive tragic tornado in Joplin, but we did get a lot done in the forge and in the book. We are used to around 120 horses per week, and we will be lucky to get half that this week. I know that the learning hasn’t suffered, because the shoes made in the contests we had yesterday were amazing. I sometimes think we do too many horses anyway.

Life continues to be a blessing, and it is a lot of fun to watch these fine people here at HHS become farriers.

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