HHS Diaries - Summer Break

Summer break and upcoming happenings at HHS.

We always close the school in July. There is the World Champion Blacksmiths Competition in Calgary. It was fantastic this year, and one of the toughest fields of farriers that I have ever seen. Then, I spent a week with Jacquelyn at the International Youth Finals Rodeo in Shawnee, OK. Finally home and getting ready for the upcoming clinics. At the end of the month, Walter Varcoe is coming from New York to assemble an articulated equine skeleton. It is going to be a great 2 day clinic for $150. Right now, there isn’t too big a crowd. Hope it gets a bit bigger. That is immediately followed by a 3 day AWCF Prep Course. Now, you don’t have to be taking the AWCF exam to take the prep course. Anyone who wants to be trained for the hardest farrier test is welcome. That is a 3 day course, and the tuition is $450. It is always a great course.

The last 8 week session will start on the first of August. We are anxious to meet the new group of incoming students, and see all the seniors that have been doing their internship away for the summer break. Ben is in South Africa, Steven is in Kansas, Probie and Yosemite went to Calgary with Cody and I, Warrior Princess is in Illinois, PO went to Montana and then to California, and Snow White went to Jeff Houston’s place in New Hampshire. So far, every report I have heard has been positive. Hard to believe how these people have turned into some great farriers.

I will update again soon, I hope. Until then keep on keepin’ on.

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