HHS Diaries - Week 8

Week 7 is behind us, and it was quite a week.  On Tuesday, Kelly got her foot smashed by a bad horse and broke her 2nd and 3rd metatarsal.  It happened just before noon on a day when the class did 44 head of horses.  She continued to work on horses the rest of the day, and was finally treated at around 8 that night.

Jacquelyn roped in Salado, Texas, at the Joe Beaver roping.  She got a 2nd in the first round, and I traveled down to watch her rope.  I was then treated to a terrible trip home, which I am in the process of as I write this.  I flew from Austin, TX., to Memphis on my way to Tulsa.  The flight from Memphis got canceled for weather in Tulsa, so myself and 4 others rented a car.  I ended up in a hotel at 2 in the morning in Alma, Arkansas, where a graduate of mine, Allen McBurnett is picking me up.  He is just going to work for us for the day as part driver and part horseshoeing school instructor.  We are about to leave the hotel, and week 8 begins.

Nothing you can do about a trip like that.  It was still a Blessed Easter.

Hope you all keep on keepin’ on.

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