A Thank You

The Farrier and Hoofcare Resource Center.

Those of you that know me are aware that I was a hold out from the internet for a long time. I finally decided I had to embrace it, but I only learned just enough to make myself dangerous. (Like a lot of our customers that read something by a barefooter.) At any rate, I had a website made, and it became part of what was on the FHRC. I thought that I owned it, and www.heartlandhorseshoeing.com was mine and safe. Little did I know that the domain name was owned by FHRC.

A guy named Steve Turpin bought the FHRC from Baron, and he got an email that my domain name was about to expire. Since he didn’t know me or anything about HHS, he contacted me to let me know. Then, he reminded me and reminded me that I needed to gain ownership. Now, he didn’t do this to make money or anything like that. He was honestly trying to keep me from getting in a bad spot. He could easily have charged me many thousands of dollars for my domain name, or not bothered to contact me at all and let it expire. Then, someone else out there could have sold my domain name back to me.

So, after being reminded several times, I finally called Steve to find out what I needed to do. He spent over 30 minutes walking me through the process of registering my website, and transferring the ownership to me for free. I am extremely grateful, and I think that our industry is going to be stronger and better for him becoming a part of it. Thanks a lot Steve, and I look forward to meeting you in person.

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