Clinic & Contest with Joe Nygren in the Heartland

There is a lot about to be happening at Heartland Horseshoeing School in October. On the 4th and 5th, we are going to have a clinic and little contest with Heartland graduate, Joe Nygren. Joe will be judging a head-to-head double elimination tournament style contest where you can win a buckle. Entry will be $25 for that. The clinic will be all about shoeing as Joe demonstrates some of the techniques that have made him a successful farrier and competitor. Beside that, we are going to have a bonfire, family games like horseshoe pitching and such, as well as a good feed. I hope to put some Argentines in charge of making an asado, so that should be a treat. Everything except the contest is free that weekend, and everyone is invited to come and have a good time with us in the Heartland. Just please let us know that you are going to be here so that we can plan accordingly.

Cody’s future wife, Kirsty Ryzak, displaying her Vanna White skills.


Shoe for the contest in October with Joe Nygren.



You are welcome to camp on the property if you like and use the bathroom and showers in the bunkhouse. The local hotels are Super 8 at 417-682-6888 or the Blue Top Inn at 417-682-3333. Both will treat you right.

On the 8th, we start our National Certification Course. I have been running this class since 1996, and it has helped a lot of farriers fine tune their skill to pass exams. It is a five day course, and extremely popular. Starting on the evening of the 12th, we will begin a weekend of intense testing. There will be two AFA exams with David Sierra as our examiner, as well as FITS Exams with Emilio Gionnatti as the examiner.

If you were ever going to dedicate some time to becoming better at this craft, you could not find a better 10 days to do it. We hope to see you here.

Joe on a foot.

Picture of Joe with his class while still in school.

Joe and Harry Meek joined Cody and I as the Heartland Horseshoeing School Team in Calgary.


Joe Nygren CJF DWCF graduated from Heartland horseshoeing school in 2007 and started shoeing horses full time with his own business Nygren’s Farrier services. In 2009 he earned his certification and journeyman through the American Farriers Association. In 2010 he received the American Farriers Journal Rising Shoeing Star award and was a farrier for the World Equestrian Games. Joe has been competing with the World Championship Blacksmiths since 2009 with 3 top 10 year end finishes. He also was the 2016 WCB striker of the year. Joe has competed at the Calgary Stampede, AFA Convention and World Horseshoeing Classic numerous times along with numerous state contests and clinic. Joe realized success as a member of the American Farriers Team in 2015 and 2017. Joe considers it an honor and highlight of his career to travel the world representing the USA and AFA as an ambassador for the farrier industry.

Joe lives in Pulaski, WI with his wife of Tammy and 4 children Lily, Ellie, Kaylie and Lane. When he’s not spending time with his family Joe’s life is consumed by the farrier industry and furthering education. While running a successful farrier business and farrier supply store by day he spends most of his nights in the shop building shoes for the next day’s clients or practicing for the next competition. Some of his biggest influences in the farrier industry have been Chris Gregory, Dusty Franklin, and Trey Green.



Joe helped me do an Amish farrier clinic in Wisconsin


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