National Certification Course, Fall 2012

The week off between classes and the National Certification Course has flown by.  Kelly and I went to Louisiana to help Jacquelyn with remodeling of her new house.  Cody is still in England competing with the American Farrier Team, and we have not heard how he has done.  I am really excited to start the class on Monday.  With the new pattern requirement for the CF Shoe Display, we will have to spend a little time there.  This is a super fast paced week.  David Hallock, CJF, took the course last year, and ended up with the high score on the Journeyman Practical for the whole year.  He is extremely talented at the practical portion of the exam, and he is graciously offered to help with this year’s class. That should be a big advantage for these incoming farriers.  2 exams next weekend with Jason Harmeson, CJF, as the examiner.

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