The New Knife & Knife Bugs

Hi Friends. As with almost every new product, there is bound to be a bug or two to work out. Unfortunately, that is true with the new Chris Gregory Collection of Hoof Knives from Frosts Mora in Sweden. Here is what happened. The handles came from one factory with rivet holes that .30mm too large for the rivet heads, so there is a minor amount of play in the blade. I did not discover this until about 100 knives had been sent out. Once this problem was found, I made a little tool that would tighten the rivets, but also slightly recess them. This required me to tap the tool on each rivet of every knife, which is a bit of chore, but does completely fix the problem. Even if the blade is able to move .30mm, it will not affect the usability of the knife. I find the loose blade annoying, (like a driving hammer with a slightly loose head), but still one of the finest knives I have ever used. The blades are amazing. Perfect steel for a hoof knife. They stay sharp and sharpen easy. The handles feel great, and the rooster tail is handier than a shirt pocket. These knives are of the highest quality in every aspect except; this first generation has had to be fixed. As of now, I am the only place that you can get the new Chris Gregory Collection Hoof Knife. I will be selling these knives as fast and hard as I can, so if you want one, contact me right away, and I will send one your way. Thanks to all the wonderful folks in the fantastic trade for your support and understanding. I hope you find these knives to be as useful and easy to use as I have. The second generation will not have this problem.

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