Podcasts, Books and a new Website

I thought that I would catch you up on what has been happening in the Heartland.

First off, we have another new grandbaby.  Cameron and Jacquelyn welcomed Brynlee Lu Whetten into the world about ten days ago.  She is perfect.  The other grandbabies continue to grow and constantly amaze Kelly and me. 

We are working with a fantastic group of youngsters this year, and what a cultural place it has been.  There are students here from Canada, Namibia, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Israel, and all over the US.  Sometimes doing the work to keep our immigration status seems overwhelming, but getting to host these foreigners always makes it worth it.

It has been a crazy year with filling classes.  So many more folks than usual have changed their minds, so I actually have another spot come open yesterday for the July class this year if any of you know of someone who wants it.  Crazy how fluid that part of this business is.

I have launched a new venture.  (How surprised those who know me best must be.)  Brian Mullins's kind words and encouragement convinced me, so my first podcast was aired this week.  It is called Final Approach with Chris Gregory.  You can find it on any podcast hosting service, or on my new website, www.chrisgregoryauthor.com.  Brian is my first guest.  Not all of them are going to be farriers, but all of them are going to be amazing people and great stories.  If you are interested in keeping abreast of the podcast, please subscribe to the new site by clicking the link.

My second memoir also hit the stands in May and has been doing quite well.  If you haven't gotten a copy yet, you can get it from me or Amazon.  If you want it signed, please let me know.  It is called, For the Want of a Shoe, The Horse Was Lost, and is the second one in the series.

We are a week away from our summer break here and the Heartlanders are ready to either graduate or start their internships.  To say that time is flying by would be a huge understatement.  I hope that all of you are having a blessed and prosperous 2023, and I'll try to stay in touch.


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