Travels - Sweden, Part 2

4 Planes and 1 Train Later...

At this moment I am sitting on a train, wagon 3, seat 80, as we head north out of Stockholm to Mora. We left our home exactly 26 hours ago, and there is only about 3 left until we finally get to Par Brask’s place in Mora.

Kelly is taking this trip like a true champ. As I look at her I don’t know if she is just getting to be a better traveler or if I broke her. Maybe broke like a horse, or maybe broke like the toaster that won’t heat up anymore. The jury is still out, but I have been impressed with how well she is travelling today.

Once we hit Paris it took about an hour to finally get through everything and into a Sky Club. I would recommend that you really budget a lot of time if you are going through there on The Amazing Race. European airport lounges tend to be quite a bit nicer than those in the US. Maybe Trump will change that, but the good part when you are traveling in Europe is that you are going to find all the makings of a decent meal in a Sky Club. By the way, if you are in an American airport, the international Sky Clubs also tend to be a little better, so when time allows, head that way.

Getting through Gothenburg was a bit dicey since we had to go out of the airport and back in to get a boarding pass. It ended up working fine, but you never want to count on luck and the clock being on your side. There were 4 planes and 5 airports in our day. Once we got to Stockholm, getting to the train was easy. Figuring out which train was not as easy, but the kindness of strangers really is strong and useful. Standing in the tunnel deep under ground waiting on the train, she looked a lot like Arrow from the TV show. A olive drab hood and her face in shadows.

I asked Kelly how she was feeling. She looked out from under her hood, smiled, and said, “I don’t feel healthy, but I feel okay.” I guess that’s pretty great considering the travel we have lived through today.

I smiled back and said, “I can’t believe how far we’ve come.”

She smiled bigger and I knew she had gotten my pun. Mora to come.


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