As the Anvil Turns. Ok, so the first class for 2017 is out the door and some of the greatest farrier students in the world have departed to make their way in the world of farriery. This has been one of our largest groups of eight-week students. There were 13 in all, which is about double the normal. In January, we had several 24-weekers in the Journeyman Farrier Course back out at the last minute, so we were happy to fill the spots for the March start. However, this means that May is coming in a little on the light side. Not to worry though, it will all work out because it always does.

Graduates of the first Practical Farrier Course of 2017 with their remaining classmates.

I know that some of you were wondering when I would blog about your friend or loved one in the last class, but I only blog about students that give me the information about themselves, but not the ones that don’t. In this way, those that are willing to share have some of their story told. It just seems like the fair way to do it, so we will see how many of the new arrivals will be willing to share in the next eight weeks.

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