He is known as Turbo.

Corbin Fisher is a 26 year old Michiganer who has started on the road to becoming a farrier. Corbin has the nickname Turbo, which he just happened to come to school with. While we don’t always use the nickname you come with, in this case, it really fits. Kind of like calling a redhead Blue, a skinny guy Fatso, or a bald man Curly. Turbo has a slow and easy way of moving and going through the day that gives his nickname the perfect fit. He is one of those amazing individuals that seem to move slow, but get a lot done. You might call it being smooth, and horses really like that quality.


Turbo grew up with horses, but ended up going to college to get a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. That experience left him really wondering what he wanted to do, and he worked odd jobs here and there while he was searching for himself.


A quick note and opinion here: I don’t personally think that college is for everyone, even though I did go through the process myself for five years. It seems that there are a lot of youngsters that have been sold the bill of goods making them believe that piling up debt for something that you don’t want or need is a good idea. I personally believe that if you are lucky enough to find your calling early in life, and you have the passion and will to pursue it, then that should be your path. Even if that path does not lead through a college degree. Sorry, back to Turbo.


At home in Michigan, Turbo’s father has a large business in construction, land-development, and storage facilities, and Turbo could easily have become a part of the family business. However, he found that he loved horses and working with them. Through getting to work with a couple farriers, he was referred to Heartland Horseshoeing School, and here he is.


Turbo did attend the Farrier Blacksmith Course in February, and he did a lot of great work in that class. There is no doubt that doing that class before the regular classes is a huge benefit. The first week of the regular courses always involve a contest where the students produce a horseshoe sandwich for the prize of a specimen shoe made by Cody or myself out of our demo horseshoe sandwich. Turbo was the winner of the specimen in this class, and that is really winning big in this class of superstars. There are some people in this class that are turning out work that you would expect from someone with 10 years experience, so winning this time really says something about the work ethic and ability that Turbo brings to the job.


Turbo is one of four kids, and one of his siblings is also his twin. Interesting fact about this particular class, three people attending have a twin. He also has an Australian Shepherd pup named Bodie that goes everywhere with him. We are dog lovers ourselves, but you just can’t let 20 people live in a bunkhouse with all their dogs.


Right now, Turbo’s short-term goals are to learn a ton and graduate. He wants to live the American Dream of having a job that he loves that also gives him the kind of living where he can get a nice shoeing rig, a home on a farm with horses and cattle in the pasture and chickens in the yard. But most importantly, enjoy working with and helping horses every day. From what I have seen so far, he is well on his way to creating his ideal story.


Turbo doing some modelling

We ended up throwing that pony since it was too sore to stand

Working on a mule

Working on a founderd pony

Watching Cody judge one of the contests

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