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Our courses are designed to create the ideal learning opportunity.  If we thought it could be done in less time, we would try to do it.  8 weeks is the shortest possible time frame for a beginner to reach a level that they can earn a living.

There are beginner classes at HHS that are 3 different lengths, and incoming students often ask about which one would best suit their needs.  The Practical Farrier Course is 8 weeks, and this is the shortest amount of time that we feel we can turn out a competent farrier that is ready to make a living.

At one time, there was a 6-week course at HHS.  With the experience of a few students staying on for additional weeks, we found that the extra time produced great results.

 The longer classes are not just the 8-week course three times.  Each session builds on the last, and students are continually pushed to higher levels throughout their stay at HHS.  It seems that the 16-week graduate is three times more skilled than the 8-week graduate.  Beyond that, the 24-week graduate is twice as skilled as the 16-week graduate.  This means that the additional time invested, compounds the return.  Which class is right for you is based on your personal situation of time and finances available, but we will always suggest the longest class you can afford.

    Beginners Courses

    Practical Farrier Course                8 weeks
    Advanced Farrier Course             16 weeks
    Journeyman Farrier Course         24 weeks

      Advanced Courses

      National Certification Course      1 week
      Farrier Blacksmith Course          2 weeks

        Upon successful completion of all forge-work, tests, and satisfactory attendance, the student will be issued a certificate of completion.  This certificate is recognized throughout the industry as a coveted and hard earned reward for competence and diligence.  It lets perspective employers know that the individual who holds a diploma from HHS is qualified to perform the skills required of a professional farrier.

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