Clancy Cowley, AKA Duct Tape. Clancy is 28 years of age and comes to the Heartland from Pleasanton, California. The first week is hard on even the toughest hands and Clancy’s protection of choice is the same one made by people putting ducts together, Duct Tape. The problem was that he used a whole roll, so the name Duct Tape was thrown at him. I think it stuck.

Every time I do one of these I am once again amazed at the sort of person that picks the Heartland. Some of these folks have such an interesting and diverse background. For instance, Duct Tape grew up in the hunter jumper world in a show barn, but he avoided horses like the plague. Instead, his youthful passion was hiking and backpacking. He has had some memorable climbs and has been over 10,000 feet on foot instead of just in a plane.

At 18 he moved to Australia to go to college as a double major in psychology and philosophy. That didn’t work out completely so he dropped out of college to sail around the world. He went around the pacific as far as Mexico before moving back home and decided that horses were actually very cool. Funny how often that actually happens, and for Duct Tape he was lucky enough to be able to follow his horse dreams because of his family involvement with horses. So he found himself back where he started after trying to get away on foot with a backpack, going to school as far from home as possible and sailing across oceans. He started riding, showing and shoeing horses, and quickly found out that he was in over his head.

Duct Tape is the uncle of two nieces and his older sister has bought his initial tools with the promise of shoeing his nieces ponies when he gets out. I don’t know how long the agreement is for, but I think the sister stands to gain huge over the years. If I were her I would have left it open ended and give Duct Tape a new rasp every so often to keep him in debt.

A lot of people watch a farrier and think that looks pretty cool and simple. It is the sort of thing that the more you learn about it, the main thing you learn is how much you don’t know. Duct Tape found this out so he decided to find a school that would help him achieve his farriery goals. Since he had already started learning from a working farrier named Hal Irby, he asked that man where he should go to school. We were the recommendation, so upon further research, he decided that this was the place for him and here he is.

Ultimately Duct Tape has a very focused goal of becoming a better farrier and gaining enough skill and knowledge to run a successful barn. Being a great farrier can be a big part of that, and if you saw the shoeing this man is doing, you would know that he is well on his way to getting where he wants to be.

Getting under youngsters with Cody.

Watching Cody do the dissection.

Early in. Hands still have skin on them

A little time relaxing around a bonfire away from the stress of the school.

Tests are fun for everyone. You can tell bu Duct Tape’s expression

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