Tootsie Pop comes to the Heartland from the Great White North. Ok, not Yukon or Alaska, but Minnesota. That’s pretty north when you are a Missourian. Ethan is 20-years-old and grew up in Chatfield, MN on a Black Angus farm. He has been in the saddle since he can remember, and horses have played a large part in his life. The last four years have been primarily focused on training horses.

Like a lot of young folks that get into training horses, they see what is possible for those that are actually able to shoe those horses as well. Many of them come to horseshoeing school with the idea that they will shoe half a day and train half a day. Just let me say, that rarely works out exactly like they think it will. Those that obtain any real skill as a farrier get so busy that there just isn’t time to train. Then, when they do the math and look at what they get for training vs. shoeing, training becomes a hobby. We will see what happens with Tootsie Pop, but I think his real goals are to become a highly successful and sought after farrier. One of the primary things that drives this goal is the desire to have a close family and good family life. Being a farrier allows that sort of lifestyle and is one of the best family oriented business if you want it to be.

Throughout this course I have been impressed by the positive attitude and quick smile that Tootsie Pop has.  So much of surviving this school and this trade is attitude, and you never find Tootsie Pop in a bad or negative mood.  The really nice thing about being around pe0ple like that is the fact that they bring up everyone around them as well.

Tootsie Pop ended up in the Heartland because he had heard that we were  really hard school. To be honest, that is exactly the kind of student we want to attract. The people that think this place will be too hard for them and that they are not up to the standard we set are probably right about that. Those that say, “I want to be pushed to be the best and I can do whatever it takes to get there.” They are probably right about that too.

The main goals in Ethan’s life are to be a great farrier, do some farming, a little team roping, and live life to the fullest. I would have to say that he has a great start at getting where he wants to be.


Tootsie Pop is always ready with a great smile.

Watching Phil about to start trimming a goat

Working behind bars.

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