What do I need to bring to school?

You will need all of the tools and equipment described in the catalog.  If you are staying in the bunkhouse, treat it like a furnished apartment.  Bring bedding, towels, toiletries, food, and maybe some dishes and utensils.

What is in the bunkhouse concerning food?

There are refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, and kitchen sinks.  There have been numerous dishes and cooking utensils provided, but these have a tendency to change from class to class, so you may want to bring some of these items with you.

Is there a TV in the Bunkhouse?

No, and for good reason.  The occasional student that has brought a TV to school has caused those classes to have a much lower graduation percentage.  You won’t have time for a TV, and when there is a TV here, some people make time for it.  This takes away from the time you should be spending studying or forging.

How many horses will we be doing?

We like to do just over one horse per student per day.  There are some days that you will have to do more, and some days you will do less.  The average student will do right around 50 horses in 8 weeks.

Will I be shoeing cadaver feet?

In most courses, you will shoe one dead foot in the first week, and then you will dissect that foot.  Other than that, you will be working on live horses.  The market for dead horse shoeing is too small for us to spend a lot of timing teaching you to shoe dead feet.

Do you accept Financial Aid?

No, we no longer participate in Vocational Rehabilitation, VA or GI Bill programs.  Unfortunately, dealing with those entities is very difficult and time consuming.  Since almost all the classes get overbooked, it does not make business sense to continue accepting program students.  There is a great scholarship from Mike Rowe if you want to look into that.

Can I get a part-time job while in school?

HHS is not like college where you will only be in school for 12 to 18 hours per week.  You will have a full-time job to stay caught up in school, and you will spend most of your free time in the forge or studying.  The average student will dedicate around 65 hours per week to learning how to shoe, so there is not much time for a part-time job.

Are the classes taught by Chris, Kelly and Cody?

You are coming here to be taught by the Gregory family, and they take that responsibility very seriously.  As such, Chris and Cody keep their clinic schedule light in the school season, and are here for the majority of your class.  You will spend all of your time learning from the Gregory family, who represent over 52 years of farriery experience as of 2010.

Is the forge open on weekends?

The shop and forges are open 24/7 to students while they are in school.

Do we forge with Coke or Gas?

The staff at HHS feels that part of becoming a great farrier is getting as much exposure as possible.  With that in mind, most shoeing is done in propane forges, and most of the projects are done in the coke forges.

Can I bring my own horse?

We can help you find a local place to house your horse if needed, but be aware that you are going to have very little spare time to spend with your horse.  The demands of this school are such that almost all of your spare time needs to be focused on learning this great trade and graduating from the Heartland.

Can I bring a pet?

This is not a good place to have a pet, and as such, they are not allowed.

What about staying in a house in town?

The bunkhouse is available for free, so there is no discount for staying in town.  If you would like assistance with finding housing in town, please contact HHS.

Can I bring a camper?

It is possible for a limited number of students to bring their own RV campers to school.  There is a charge of $20 per week for the additional electricity, and that student will still need to use the restroom in the bunkhouse since there are no sewer hookups.

Do I have to have a vehicle?

No, there are a number of students that attend every year without a vehicle, although it is handier to have one if possible.

Are there laundry facilities at the school?

No, students have to do their laundry in town at the laundromat.

I only want to SHOE my own horse

That is a great goal, and we can help you get there.  However, when it comes to our own horses, we want them to have the best that we can provide.  Thinking about that, if you are good enough to shoe your own horses, you should be good enough to shoe any horse.  Compare this to human dentistry.  You don’t really want to sit in the chair of a dentist that is just good enough to do his kid’s teeth.  You want one that is good enough to work on anyone’s teeth.

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