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The shoeing portion of the exam shall consist of a candidate shoeing 2 feet on a horse with a pair of keg shoes in one hour.  The shoes will be supplied by the candidate, and can be any brand or style of shoe appropriate for the horse. The candidate will shoe the horse with toe clips, regardless of whether it is a pair of hinds or fronts. The clips will be produced by the candidate during the hour using any method they desire.

There is a forging portion of the exam that requires the candidate to produce a display of their abilities in the making of handmade shoes and modifying keg shoes.  Each candidate must bring 5 shoes of their choice. There is a FITS list of shoes if the candidate needs any suggestions or inspiration.  Minimum of three of these shoes must be handmade by the candidate, making certain to display the following elements:

  1. Creasing, (fullering).
  2. Clipping, (at least 3 clips).
  3. Welding.
  4. Square toe.
  5. Rocker toe.
  6. Extended heels.
  7. Traction device application, (brazing, heel caulks,  drill-tec, borium, drive-in or screw-in caulks, etc.).
  8. Aluminum shoe.

It is the intention of this portion of the exam to remain practical, and should be judged with the level of the candidate in mind.  All shoes must be
nailable. In some countries, the shoe display has become a way to fail any candidate, since no one will ever make a perfect shoe.  This should be prevented by the examiners and certification committee.

On the day of the exam, each candidate will be asked to reproduce one of the shoes on their shoe display.  There will be a one-hour time limit to complete the task.

The theory portion of the exam will consist of a 40 question written test that is composed of true-false or multiple choice questions.  The candidate will have a two-hour time limit to complete the written exam.

The final portion of the exam will be an oral exam where the candidate will sit down with the examiners for 15 minutes and answer any questions deemed appropriate by the examiners.  At this time, the examiners can ask the candidate to defend their shoe display, as well as test their general shoeing knowledge.

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