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After the exams had been going for a few years, it was easy to see that there was the need for an exam that would fill the gap between the Certified Farrier and the Advanced Skills Farrier. Bob Sim, ASF, of Australia developed the level called the Certified Professional Farrier.

The shoeing for this level is similar to half of the Advanced Skills Farrier exam. The candidate will shoe one side of a horse. The front foot will be shod with a 3/4 fullered straight bar with toe clip, and the hind foot will be shod with a 3/4 fullered open heeled shoe with quarter clips. Time limit is one hour, forty minutes. (100 minutes).

There is a shoe display for this level consisting of seven shoes. Unlike the other shoe displays where the candidate can kind of pick the shoes, the shoes for the CPF are assigned. Here is a list of the required shoes:

Here is a list of the required shoes:

  • 3/4 Fullered egg bar shoe, rolled toe. Quarter clipped, six nail holes, steel.
  • Fullered heart bar shoe, seven nail holes, rolled toe, steel.
  • 3/4 Fullered straight bar shoe, six nail holes, toe clip, three threaded holes with hospital plate fitted, steel.
  • 3/4 Fullered fishtail bar shoe, six nail holes, rocker toe, quarter clipped, steel.
  • Aluminum plain stamped straight bar shoe, six nail holes, quarter clipped, rocker toe.
  • 3/4 Fullered lateral extension hind shoe, six nail holes, quarter clipped, steel.
  • 3/4 Fullered G-bar shoe with full size frog-plate, five nail holes, steel.

The written exam will consist of 20 questions that the candidate will answer within a short answer format. They will be the sort of questions that can be answered in less than 5 words, such as naming a piece of anatomy, or identifying a pathology.
There will be an oral exam and forging assignment as in the other levels of the FITS.
This test has proven to be the perfect level between the FITS Certified Farrier and the FITS Advanced Skills Farrier. It gives candidates something to practice and reach for at an obtainable level while training to take the ultimate test in the ASF.

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