Hi Friends.  There is a cool discussion amongst graduates right now on Facebook that I wanted to put in this blog.  This school is a unique place in the world, and you can see it clearly from these posts.  Thanks to all of those that have allowed me and my family to play a part in their careers.

Missing shoein rank crazy horses, for even crazier people, with the craziest people I’ve ever met. While doing all of it for free. As crazy as it sounds. I feel like I got rich out the deal because I got the most priceless memories of my life and got to spend 4 months with a group of friends that had the courage to put on a shoein apron with me. And from that I’m sayin I miss all u guys!!! — with Tasha May and 16 others.

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    • Sara Vanderpol Aw Jakie, I miss it too. So weird how such a rough and tough experience could be so incredibly enjoyable. I miss all my classmates and HHS so much

      Yesterday at 12:03am · · 2
    • Sam Zalesky Oh buddy… Couldn’t have said it better myself. Must be something with the moon this last month, because I think all of us have been missing it like crazy. We had the time of our lives that’s for sure.

      Yesterday at 12:23am · · 2
    • Brandon Regester Good times for sure miss yall

      Yesterday at 8:01am · · 1
    • Jessy Lowman I miss it to jake and everyone else!

      Yesterday at 8:05am ·
    • Chris Gregory I told you guys when you arrived that HHS is the strangest place in the world. Time flies, you work and sweat like rented mules, there is stress that is unbelievable, and you make the best memories of your lives. We were grateful to be a part of that with you.

      Yesterday at 9:07am · · 3
    • Erin Walborn it truely was an amazing experience and i would do it over again in a heart beat =) you guys are some of the best friends i will ever had and i miss you all. I had the time of my life and cant believe it went so fast i think about it all the time and wish we could go back and do it again =)

      Yesterday at 9:25am · · 2
    • Abby Sale I know exactly what you mean!!!!

      Yesterday at 10:59am · · 1
    • Jake Kraus Sorry I didn’t tag ua toy story! Miss ua to!

      Yesterday at 12:09pm ·
    • Rachael Kane Hope all you guys are doing just great with your work. So many times when crazy things happen on the job i wish you were all there to laugh with. Love ya’s xxx

      Yesterday at 2:39pm · · 1
    • Erin Walborn lol i know that feeling rachael!! hope you are great

      Yesterday at 2:48pm ·
    • Cody Snell miss all you crazy people haha

      Yesterday at 5:02pm · · 1
    • Tasha May Miss all u guys 🙁

      3 hours ago · · 1

      Erin Walborn i miss you guys too!!9 minutes ago ·

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