Jess’s Story in video will be coming soon.

As many of you know, we recently started doing some new social media stuff.   I am definitely better with an anvil and piece of hot steel than I am with the inter-web, but there is a new guy in town that is amazing at it. The new guy is actually a guy and girl, Mario and Lori Gonzalez. I did a post about their company, Radius Media and Discipleship, but they deserve mention every chance I get. Mario is known as Double D, (do you know why?), and he has extensive experience around the world behind a camera. And, it shows in every shot and every video. His new school is going to be teaching youngsters how to do what he does, so contact me if you know someone wanting to become a photographer, videographer, editor, etc. This is a Bible based family that is going to work their ministry through teaching how to make media.


Anyway, we hired Mario to do a promotional video for the advanced classes. He was shooting some interviews for that video, and he shot Jess Fairbanks telling part of her story about the Heartland. After her interview, Mario said, “Chris, you have to tell that story by itself. Anyone that wants to be or knows someone that wants to be a farrier needs to hear about Jess.”
I watched her interview, and I had to agree. It was powerful stuff. So, Mario put together a video about Jess, and we are going to put it up as soon as it is done. If you know anyone that is interested in becoming a farrier, show them the video. If you know anyone that wants to be a professional in the media business, have them watch it too. As you will see, Radius Media and Discipleship is great at what they do. Thanks for watching.


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