Jordan S. Hadley is a 22-year-old that has been living in Stockton, Missouri. He has a very interesting story and is one of the most grown-up 22-year-olds you are likely to meet.


Born to entrepreneurial parents in South Carolina, most of Jordan’s youth was filled with move after move from opportunity to opportunity. The first 12 years were primarily in the Tulsa area, but the dark period of his life began at the age of 12 when the family moved to Little Rock, AR. Jordan fell in with a bad crowd and started to use drugs. Exactly one year later the family moved to South Carolina, and Jordan sought out and found the drug crowd. For three years he used drugs and alcohol.


May of 2012 was when things began to change. Jordan was sent to Agape Boarding School in Stockton, Missouri. He found his real self, he found God, but most importantly, God found Jordan. At Agape he learned about Jesus, his unfailing love and grace, and what he had done for us. Jordan feels so blessed and thankful to still be alive. By the way, Agape is an amazing place. We went there for a game feed a few weeks ago, and had no idea of the scope of that place. It is places like that that have saved people like Jordan and helped God to change their lives and save their souls. We were awe-struck and happy to know that it is there.


A lot of the work at Agape is ranch oriented. Jordan became heavily involved in the ranch program and learned about raising cows and working with horses. At the age of 18, horses became his addiction and focus and he has spent the last five years learning all he can about the horse. This has led Jordan and his family to Nebraska to work in an 80,000 head feedlot, and to Wyoming to work on a 200,000-acre ranch. The ranch in Wyoming led to learning about shoeing since each ranch hand had to keep his string of 6 horses shod. While there he also dedicated himself to finding the best way to communicate with the horse, and to Jordan, that way is the Californio style of horsemanship.


Jordan feels that his real calling in the world is to preach. The cool thing about being a farrier is that farriery can be a means to the end of becoming a preacher. Shoeing horses will allow Jordan to support his family while attending Bible College. Jordan’s farriery goals include the AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier, as well as becoming a FITS Advanced Skills Farrier.


Jordan is married to his beautiful wife Laura Hadley, and the couple have two sons. Riley is two and Reese is eight-months. On May 8th, 2017, Triple-H Horsemanship and Farrier Services will be open for business. The main purpose of this business will be shoeing horses, but Jordan will also be offering horsemanship, colt starting, riding/roping clinics, shoeing clinics, as well as day-work services. To say he will be busy is an understatement.


Jordan and his family will be heading to Bible College soon, and someday he will be a preacher in a Fundamental Baptist church. He will be a preacher that shoes and works with horses on the side. For some lucky horse owners, they will have Jordan shoeing their horses while he and his family make this world a little better place to live.


Jordan hot fitting a back foot

Thumbs up, all systems go.

Shaping shoes

Nailing up

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