I have taught a lot of people over the years, and they have come to school for a lot of reasons. Most people become farriers out of a recognized need and a desire to help the horse. However, Miles came to school out of a desire to help the horseshoer. Since he is a Canadian, we had to do a conversion on him and he earned the nickname Kilometers pretty quickly on the first day.

A few years ago we had a young lady come to school named Elisa from Ontario. We called her Sparkle because her folks had obviously gotten her name wrong. At any rate, she did well and graduated, becoming quite a skilled farrier. In fact, she is also an AFA Certified Farrier. She was also able to work with a very good friend of the Heartland’s, Brian Mullins, CJF, when she got home. Anyway, her business continued to flourish, as did her new relationship with Master Electrician, Miles McDonald, AKA Kilometers. As time passed, Sparkle became more and more busy with farriery and this required Kilometers to spend his free time helping as a farrier helper.

Kilometers did not come as an official student. The 35 year-old electrician was able to get a short break in work and decided to spend it with us to absorb as much about the trade as he could. Sparkle sent him down to us so that he could end up being an even bigger asset to her business. As such, his goal was not a diploma, rather some skill and speed in pulling shoes and clinching. So, we did what we could to that end and had a great time getting to know this budding farrier.

I regret that I did not get more photos of this fine young man. I seem to be worse at that than I every used to be.

Miles McDonald, AKA Kilometers.

In a little over a month Sparkle is going to become Mrs. Kilometers, so a lot is going on in the lives of these folks. With their work ethic, love of the trade and the willingness to work together, I think that the future is sure bright for this couple. Kelly and I have found over the years that working together is a wonderful thing and just another part of what I love about being a farrier. I think that Kilometers and Sparkle are going to find out the same thing and hopefully look back on several decades of working together with pride and satisfaction.

Kilometers was only here for a very short time and has now returned to the Great White North. His visit was a lot of fun for us and I bet we see him here as an official student someday if their business can stand for him to be gone for a couple of months. Either way, he is going to be a huge asset to their practice and our farrier craft.

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