Practical Farrier Course

Shorter courses have been tried, but 8 weeks is about as short as a farrier course can be, and still provide the experience that students need to feel competent and confident about starting a shoeing business.  Even though this is the shortest beginners course offered at HHS, graduating from this course will enable you to start and run a successful farrier business.

The Practical Farrier Course is designed to teach an individual to become a professional farrier.  Anatomy, shoeing theory, corrective shoeing techniques, correcting faults of gait, therapeutic shoeing techniques, tool and handmade horseshoe forging, and running a successful business are all taught in this course.  Students in this course will also perform a leg dissection.

The final horse test in this course is equivalent to the AFA Certified Farrier exam, with the addition of toe-clips, just like the certified farrier level exam Chris put together for the Association of Brazilian Farriers.  Shoeing in the time allowed with toe –clips is actually more difficult than the AFA exam, which means that successful graduates will be prepared to take and pass the practical portion of the AFA Certified Farrier test.  Students will be assigned over 20 forge projects in this course, covering everything from simple tools to complex handmade shoes such as the straight bar shoe.  Successfully completing all of the forge projects in this course will prepare you for the shoe display portion of the AFA exam.  There are 2 written tests in this course.  The first covers anatomy, and the second test is comprehensive.

The Practical Farrier Course is offered 3 times a year.  A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all students that successfully complete all of the required work to the high standard demanded at HHS.

PRICE:  $6,900.00

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