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Chris spent 24 years shoeing with a barely sharp knife.  One day the great-great-grandson of Erik Frost, Par Brask, came to the Heartland from Sweden and taught Chris how to hand sharpen a blade.  To perfectly sharpen a knife by hand, you need more than just one stone, steel or strop.  With that in mind, the Hand Sharpening Kit was created to be used by anyone that wants a sharp knife, hoof knife or otherwise.

It is a leather kit that is sewn in the Heartland with 8 pockets in it.  Two pockets are for hoof knives, one is for an extra file handle if you someday add a chainsaw file, and the others contain: 5” Mill File, EZE Lap fine oval diamond sharpener, EZE Lap super fine oval diamond sharpener, Jewelers rouge, and a leather strop glued to a metal handle.  This system will allow you to take a knife edge from useless to razor sharp.

There are several videos on YouTube demonstrating the kit and how to use it:
Sharpening A Hoof Knife Video


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