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Gregory's Textbook of Farriery

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What makes this book unique?

This is the textbook that is used by the best farrier schools in North America. If you are a horse person, farrier, or want to be a farrier, there is no better book for you to make a part of your library.

An Easy Read

  • This book was written in a straight forward conversational style, making the information easier to digest
  • A solid foundation of knowledge can be found in this 696 page book.  Includes information about anatomy, pathologies, forging, shoeing/trimming, and general knowledge critical to becoming a great farrier.
  • Contains over 3400 drawings and photos.
  • Excellent source for studying for certifications.

Audiobook Available

  • We have decided, (with the help of the amazing Mr. Brian Mullins), to offer Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery in an audio format.  When we started on this venture, there was a lot about the audiobook industry that we did not know about.  There is a reason that audiobooks are so expensive, and we were in too deep to turn around when we learned this.  As such, we have this book available with three options.  You can buy the hardcopy of the textbook with the audio book for $220 total.  $140 for just the audiobook.