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Farrier Certification Workshop

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- This course is intended for experienced farriers looking to continue their education and/or certify
- Check email for instructions after paying deposit
- The deposit is not refundable, this is because there is a waiting list and spots are limited
- 1 week duration
- Additional $100 per week to stay in the bunkhouse
- Shoeing practice, forging practice, shoe board instruction
- FALL  ONLY - Offered once a year
- Prefer a physical Workshop Attendance Agreement? Download it here and send it to the address below with payment.


Shoe board demos and instruction
Practice on live horses with feedback and instruction
Live horse demo

Workshop Information

This was one of the first clinics or workshops in the US that was dedicated to helping people achieve their American Farrier’s Association certification goals.  Many people come to this clinic to pursue their AWCF or FWCF, or any level of thei FITS Exams.  It is a very intense workshop, and is taught at a high rate of speed.  Regardless of your level of certification, or the level you are trying to achieve, this clinic can help you get there.  It is also recommended as a great refresher, even if you are not trying to take any exams.  Everyone walks away from the Heartland after this workshop with a lot more knowledge, regardless of whether they are pursuing certification.

The highlights of farriery theory are covered during this week, shoe displays and forging requirements for the different exams are demonstrated and worked on, and a lot of horses are shod.  The horses are shod by students and graded to the exam standard, while the student gets one-on-one help and input from the HHS staff.  Students will have very little time for rest during this week.

We generally offer two AFA exams and two FITS exams starting Friday afternoon of this course.  With attendees getting two opportunities in one weekend, the chances of success skyrocket and we often have very high success rates.

Cody became an AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier at the age of 15, and an AWCF at 19, so he is able to offer some remarkable advice and input that anyone can use.  Chris became an AFA CJF in 1991, and an FWCF in 1998, and is the only American that has become an Examiner for the Worshipful Company of Farriers.  Chris also wrote and has administered the FITS Exam in several countries, and has been involved in every conceivable aspect of farriery testing. Chris and Cody can offer unparalleled guidance as you pursue your goals in the great industry.

Please note that there is a $100 per week charge for staying in the bunkhouse for the workshops.

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