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For The Want of A Shoe...

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Who is Chris Gregory?

Chris Gregory has done clinics and shod horses on six continents, as well as almost every state in the US. His bestselling textbook, Gregory's Textbook of Farriery, has helped farriers help horses around the world.  Since starting his first farrier school in 1992, Chris has taught well over a thousand people to make a living in the craft that he loves.

Making A Man...

Rural youngsters everywhere can relate to a boy growing up on a ranch. New
Mexico has a unique citizenry and history. The varied topography and a low-
density population produced individuals that were hardy and self-sufficient. It is
little wonder that their progeny were hard-headed non-conformists!

     Chris Gregory spent his formative years in one of the most beautiful parts of the
Rocky Mountains. Winters were cold and snowy followed by the fantastic seasons
of spring and summer that beckoned one to kick back and relax. That didn't
happen very often because the price you paid for this Garden of Eden existence
was 10 to 12 hours of chores every day.
     Even though young boys were kept busy to prevent mischief, it was impossible
to eliminate all their exploratory or inquisitive natures. Disobedience, masking the
truth, and even rebellion were some of the ways that the little darlings could still
follow their own star. Those episodes usually ended up with a lesson learned, a
character flaw revealed, or the realization that life is not always a bowl of cherries.
     The stories from the New Mexico Military Institute are very informative and
enjoyable. It was a great inside peek into the transformation of a boy into a man.
As with most of us, it took a while traveling down different paths to finally find the
one that best suited him. 
Well, he got'er done, but he ain't finished yet!

Jim Keith, CJF Tucumcari, New Mexico.
Cowboy Legend, Farrier, Educator, Author, Artist, Veteran
Author of I Never Called Myself A Cowboy.