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Gregory Western Shoer Apron

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Why use a Western Shoer Apron?

These aprons are made by the Gregory's in the Heartland.  They're designed to be durable and easy to maintain.  Also, they are exceptionally comfortable with plenty of customizable options.

Full Leather

  • Long lasting and durable, clasps easily replaced

  • Easier to modify and mend than other modern aprons

  • Open front keeps you comfortable and mobile, also buckles in front and back

  • Sits just below the belt so that it doesn't get caught on your lower back like some aprons


    • Knee pads come in 4 colors - Blue, Black, Red, or Brown leather
    • Rough out or smooth pads available
    • Knife pocket on each side, additional pockets available [$10 per extra pocket]
    • Custom to your measurements
    • Embroider your name & certification level if desired
    • Fringe or no fringe
    • Now offering a high quality hand tooled yoke [$50]

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