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Heartland Farrier Super Sharp

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Heartland Farrier Super Sharp

The Heartland Farrier Super Sharp is made with the professional farrier in mind.  There are very few items in our toolbox that can take a toll on our bodies like using a dull knife.  This kit is made with a couple of knife pockets to store and transport your hoof knives and a round file to get into the hook. You can buy the kit with two Chris Gregory hoof knives and save a few dollars, or get the sharpening system to keep any of your knives well honed and working well.  Made from a variety of leathers and colors, order yours today to start enjoying the safety and feeling of a hoof knife that is sharp enough to do the job you demand of it without creating more wrist, elbow and shoulder problems down the road.

Available Options:

  • Heartland Farrier Super Sharp [Larger kit with knife space and round file for farriers]
  • Available with or without knives
  • Diamond Super Fine Sharpener Only
  • Diamond Fine Sharpener Only
  • Strop and Rouge Only