Rebekka Strahle, a 21 year-old native Missourian from Warrensburg has decided to start her farrier career in the Heartland. Like a lot of students, Rebekka has an amazing history that involves the horse and her love of the horse.


She began by being put on horses at the age of two, and she was getting in trouble for sneaking out to the barn and getting on the horses when she was four. She has a lot of stories of coming off horses involuntarily, but the nice thing about being so young, getting back on doesn’t hurt so much. Some of the wrecks are memorable like the time she climbed on a two year old where her parents couldn’t see her, but they saw their four year old daughter come riding by laughing her head off. Mom yelled at dad, dad yelled at Rebekka, and the horse left her in the driveway. That kind of childhood is not as common as it once was, and people don’t seem as tough as they once were. Interesting….


Anyway, when she was seven her mom got a new barrel horse. Rebekka ended up winning a state barrel racing championship on that horse, but her folks also got divorced that year. Rebekka sort of ended up with the horse in the divorce and she lived with her mom but rode at her Dad’s house. Four years later, her dad was hit by a drunk driver, breaking his back and knee and ending his truck-driving career. They had a lot of horses that they did not want to lose, so Show-Me Trail Ride Outfitter was born. It has become a business of guided trail rides that is going to be moving to Lake of the Ozarks soon.


Her high school years are filled with moving with mom, going to dad’s place to ride, and playing basketball. She also met the love of her life, Cody Lowry in 2013, and they are still together today. Cody is a welder by trade and ends up on the road working where the jobs are.


Her skills on the court led to college, and college started Rebekka on the road to becoming a vet. In the winter of 2015 she got to shadow a vet and found out that the smell of blood was not going to work for her. That meant a big change in future plans. Since she was determined that her future would have animals in it, particularly horses, she began training outside horses. That led her to look into farriery.


As many of you know, coming up with money to attend school can be a really tough thing. But with dogged determination, Rebekka decided to come to Heartland Horseshoeing School no matter what it took. It ended up taking a couple years, many of those months requiring three jobs at a time. But she made it to the point where she had enough money for tuition and tools. Now that she is here, she has had the problem that many people with high-pain tolerance can suffer. She is dealing with an overuse injury that became a severe problem from from pushing through the pain. Our local nurse practitioner couldn’t believe how far the bones in her hand were out of place, and Rebekka has been forced to wear a brace on her hammer hand for most of the second week. That has her pretty worried about failing, but I personally think that her work ethic will outweigh the handicap.


Right now her short-term goals are to graduate HHS and move to the Lake of the Ozarks. There she is going to help her dad with Show-Me Trail Ride Outfitter as well as train horses and start her farrier practice. I would bet that the farrier business will outpace the others and she will be shoeing more horses than riding them by this time next year. Long-term she hopes to get engaged (Cody, are you reading this) and start planning for her own family. If it all goes well, Cody will end up coming to the Farrier Blacksmith Course and who knows, we may convert him into a farrier and have another husband wife farrier team living the dream.

Stuck on a lead rope since the hand is injured

Watching Robbie Miller build a shoe

Thinking hard

Happy under horses

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