Required Tools

Each student must provide their own hand tools.  School owned anvils and forges are available for use at all times while students are enrolled.  The textbook used at Heartland Horseshoeing School is Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery. This book is available for purchase from the school, or students may use a school copy if they do not with to purchase one.

Following is a list of the required tools as well as the suggested brand names.  You are not required to have the suggested brands, however, you will never be sorry for buying quality.

Tool Brand Name
14” Hoof Nippers G.E. Forge and Tool
Curved Jaw Clinchers G.E. Forge and Tool
Crease Nail Puller G.E. Forge and Tool
Pull Offs G.E. Forge and Tool
Right and left hoof knives. Chris Gregory
Knife Sharpeners Heartland Knife Sharpening Kit
Driving Hammer Cody Gregory LLC
Shoeing Apron Chris Gregory Western Shoer
Clinch gouge Cody Gregory LLC
4 Pairs of Tongs
(1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” and 1/2”)
Cody Gregory LLC
Shoeing Box Cody Gregory LLC
2 E head punches (per 12 weeks) Cody Gregory LLC
1 Drift Punch (Per 12 weeks) Cody Gregory LLC
2 Pritchels Cody Gregory LLC
Gregory’s Textbook of Farriery
Rounding Hammer Flatland Forge
Clipping Hammer Flatland Forge
6 Rasps (per 12 weeks) Heller Excel Legend
2 Finish Rasps (per 12 weeks) Bassoli
2 Fine Half Round (per 12 weeks) Nicholson
4 Rasp Handles Wooden screw-on type
Large Butcher Block Brush Anvil Brand
Folding Brass Ruler FPD
Safety Glasses No suggestion
Ear Plugs No suggestion
3 Foot Tape Measure No suggestion
1 Anvil Devil No suggestion

If you are enrolled in the Advanced Farrier Course or the Journeyman Farrier Course, you will need some additional tools.  You should plan on 3 rasps for each 8 week session.

Most of the equipment used by farriers is of an extremely specialty nature.  As such, it can be somewhat expensive to buy quality.  However, like your education, you will never regret getting the best that is available.  The tools suggested have proven to be of the highest quality.

Once you graduate, you will need an anvil, anvil-stand and forge.  We recommend that you budget around $1,500.00 for these purchases.  Inventory of shoes, nails, pads, etc. can be as little as $100.00 but if you are making a budget, we would suggest somewhere around $1,500.00.  While these may seem like quite large sums, when comparing farriery to almost any other trade, the start-up costs are incredibly small.  Especially when considering the potential return on the investment.

There are farrier suppliers located all over the country. At the back of our school catalog is a list of suppliers that we are personally friends with, and have done business with in the past. They are advertised in alphabetical order, and their ads appear as a favor to us, and not as a paid ad. If you call any of these folks for your equipment, please mention Chris Gregory or Heartland Horseshoeing School. Some of them will give you a discount as a result. None of the suppliers in this catalog would be recommended if we did not believe that they would treat you right.

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