Shannon May Fiedler

Shannon is a 22 year-old young lady from Parkton, Maryland. Shannon’s family runs a hay farm and a construction company that has given her a lot of skills as a heavy equipment operator. While she can earn a living moving mounds of earth, she prefers being around or on top of a horse.


She has had a lifetime of enjoying horses, and almost all of her history is wound up in the horse. Starting with horse shows at the tender age of three, 4-H at the age of eight, and some extensive Horse Bowl experience. She was the state champion in Horse Bowl, went to nationals, and became the coach of the Baltimore County winning Horse Bowl team. She was even on the state AQHA team. Prior to coming to Heartland Horseshoeing School, Shannon spent a year at a horse training school and is a Certified Professional Trainer and Clinician through that experience. As you can see, it is all horse when it comes to this young lady.


She was working with another farrier as an apprentice, and had decided that this was the way that she was going to become a farrier. While that is a good way for many, there is a downside to the apprenticeship route. With a school, the school is set up for you to actually do all the parts of the job like trimming and nailing. With an apprenticeship, it often takes an extremely long time until the master lets the apprentice actually trim and nail. Also, a school will have scheduled and specific times for theory, while apprenticeships often miss this part. However, one thing they have in common; if you pick the wrong place to learn from, you will not have a good experience or learn to be a great farrier. Farriery is certainly not the sort of trade that you can teach if you can’t do it. At least not well. Shannon had a good friend that had gone to a horseshoeing school with a big reputation and a lot of students, but it was not a great place to learn the farrier’s craft. She had a bad experience and wasted her time and money. Because of that, Shannon had decided that farrier school was not the way for her to pursue her farrier goals.


In the winter of 2016 I did a hands-on dissection/forging clinic in Pennsylvania and Shannon’s boss attended and brought her. After we met and visited in Pennsylvania, Shannon did some serious checking into Heartland Horseshoeing School. She watched all of our YouTube videos and talked with everyone she could find that knew about the school. With that, she decided that this was the right place for her to continue her journey. I am sure her boss is going to be well pleased with how much she will be able to do when she gets back to Pennsylvania.


One thing about attending Heartland Horseshoeing School is that you are surrounded by folks who are amongst the best in whatever they were doing before coming here. For the most part, each student has a history that includes stuff like Shannon where she was a champion in Horse Bowl, and has achieved a lot of what she has wanted to achieve through hard work. This means that you are just one more hard worker in a world of hard workers, and even a little bit of laziness stands out. With that said, Shannon stands out for her willingness to work hard in the pursuit of her goal of becoming a great farrier and graduating from HHS. She stated plainly to me “Failure is not an option!”


I tried to hang the nickname “Goliath” on her, but I don’t think it stuck. Shannon is considered her family comedian and she is always happy. I often have to come to her for the Joke Of The Day. Her passions are all things horse and teaching, and she wants to have a future that includes both. Ideally, she will become a great farrier and someday help and teach those that want to know more about training and shoeing. She has a good start.

Clinching up

Helping Cougar with a mule

Filming forge demos

Happy to be here.

Crazy shoes that we were thrilled to pull off.



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